Entelecheia of Centraleich

Magnet, humidi fier module, lamp, magnetic mixer

In the early days of human thought, it was thought that there was a special immaterial supernatural force at work in the organism, which Aristotle called "Entelecheia", referring to the end to which everything is directed, that is, reality without potential. Reality is the promoter of the realisation of potentialities, and the promoters are divided into the immediate promoters and the more distant promoters, of which Aristotle calls the first promoter Entelecheia.

Entropy: Life thrives on negative entropy. The essence of entropy is the "intrinsic degree of chaos" of a system; an object begins to live when it starts to have negative entropy, and dies when it reaches its maximum. A mist of water sprays every minute to maintain the organism's conditions for the creation of negative entropy. In the work, entropy is quantified and the viewer can clearly see the effect of negative entropy (the degree of magnetic agitation) on the Entelecheia (artist-made beings) created by the artist. In the visible range, the artist binds negentropy to light (daylight), the stronger the light, the greater the value of negentropy. In the artist-made space, it is close to immortality.