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My parents have run a factory in Shenzhen since 2009. The main business of the factory is the production of circuit boards, and in the early days of the business, the family was in debt, and at that time our whole family lived in a room in the company, with three people sleeping at alternate times. Whenever I came home from school, I had to walk through the production hall, the boiler workshop, the warehouse and the office before I could reach my room. My memories seem to have been formed at that stage, when the orderly noise of the SMT machines, the constant emanation of heat and the low roar of the furnaces, the colored hair of the young child laborers and the "non-mainstream" songs they played, all of which were never discussed with each other, formed the basis of my childhood memories.

The factory took away my parents' time with me and occupied most of my childhood, always smelling of oil and metal scraps, loud and present, and of course, the other factories upstairs and downstairs had their own way of making noise, and I had to be in them all day at all times. Over time, I always speculated about what all those magical metal parts were used for: perhaps each one called a chip would have a small city inside it; the crystal might glow brightly when it worked; guessing how the gun-like feeder ended up firing the electron components into that big machine; guessing that the red stop button on even those machines might just be imaginary (so that I could convince myself not to press it). The thing about Shenzhen people is that they all seem to be very busy and I don't dare to disturb them and they don't take the initiative to explain to me what it's all about. So it's logical that my memory drips with misunderstandings and exaggerations 

Now that I'm working as an artist, many suspicions and speculations seem to justifiably become my creative inspiration, for example: the feeder looks like a shotgun or a machine gun or a sniper rifle, which looks really cool. I almost wanted to call my friends to come and act out a battle scene with me. But once I really understood what it was about, I was dissatisfied that it only served as a "pass-through". I couldn't believe that the feeder was not as great as I thought it would be.

What Is A SMT Feeder?

SMT Feeder, (also called SMT Feeding Gun, Component Feeder, or Part Feeder), is an electric device to lock tape-and-reel SMD components, peel off the tape (film) cover on the top of components, and feeds the uncovered components (by means of sprocket transmission) to the same fixed pickup position for pick up by pick-and-place machine.

SMT feeder is the most important part of SMT machine, and also an important part of SMT assembly that affects the PCB assembly capabilities and production efficiency.