propylene, nylon membrane

When the children look into the skylight, they are well aware that the school will be like a ladder to launch them into other localities.

The project was realized in an abandoned international school in Beijing, the capital of China, where tuition fees were high and the students were always wealthy or respectable families.

In China, most of the time people need to "circumvent the wall" to get online outside of China, but in this place, students don't need this step.

Most students at this school know in their hearts that no matter how mediocre their performance is, they will have an internationally renowned university to attend.

What is Shadowsocks:

This is one of the most well-known and most primitive "scientific surfing" software, and Shadowsocks was the most prevalent software when China imposed internet restrictions in 2015. Later, the founder of Shadowsocks was forced to stop running, but as of now, people are still using the Shadowsocks framework to "circumvent the wall".