Take your hands off me now

Guard line
Video 7’46’’  and  picture 7 piece
* This work is a collaboration between four artists, Cao Wenqing, Qiyao, She Luyun and Wang Yizhu.

In March 2022, three of my friends and I went on a travel to create a book, but the COVID-19 epidemic was very severe and fierce on the way.The six-month-long radical epidemic prevention move was about to begin, the provinces and cities were on the brink and their epidemic prevention policies registered with the State Council were often not quite the same as what was actually implemented, resulting in us, who were travelling, becoming highway bums, and we were not allowed to leave the highway and slept at toll booths in different cities for three days straight.

On 6 April 2022, after much upheaval and tugging and pulling, we were finally received by a tourist town and we slept in a bed.

On 8 April 2022, we bought a guard line and went to a popular attraction where no one was around to play Cat's cradle for a while.

2 Bedrooms 1 Open Hall

"Two Bedrooms and One Living Room" is the first operation of "Taoyibo", and the project will start on March 6, 2022 and end time is unknown.

Participants will create and exhibit as they move. "Two rooms" refers to the interior space of the two cars as a bedroom, and "one living room" refers to the "living room" built by the side tents of the two cars. This project is based on the national highway G108, accompanied by side quests that can be triggered randomly (expulsion from the epidemic, asking for food, being hypnotized by the highway, and suddenly discovering interesting places).