2020 Actually Existed

Circuit board , Battery

In the last two months of this year, I often see such remarks:

What happened to this year? How did it go? What kind of year was it?

In 2020, being detained in a room became a reality for people most of the tim e. Whether this year actually exists or not may be a false proposition. 

——The memory of every day of 2020 is stored in this machine. It will show you every day of 2020, remind you that 2020 actually exists, and let you verify it until you confirm it. At that moment, this machine will retire and become scrap iron.

Each piece of machine will be associated with a number, and you can check who hasn't confirmed the actual existence of 2020 every day in the future, and who made this machine the grave of 2020.

The 2020 ACTUALLY EXISTED is most predominantly exhibited for viewers to hold in their own hands at home, and I have opened up 202 places for sale on the e-commerce platform. Each piece of the machine costs 202 RMB (approximately £25) per unit, and the work exhibited in the gallery space is refusing to be sold. As of now (13 January 2022) a total of seven visitors have confirmed to me that they believe 2020 actually exists, with the machines in their hands numbered 246, 144, 281, 063, 074, 028, and 130.

After the 365 days of information rounds, the machine will ask a multiple choice question and the audience can choose between "I am sure 2020 actually exists" (corresponding to the program destroying itself) or "I am not sure 2020 actually exists" (corresponding to the program restarting once).