A Manifesto for Art

Oil on wood

I want to be a great artist, I don't know if I can do it in the future, but I can also have an artistic manifesto, and if I also publish an artistic thought, it doesn't need much content, the power that the surface of the book can confer is enough to suggest that I seem to be an important person too.

I have put what I really want to say on the back of this painting, and I have taken excerpts from the People's Daily article in which scholars dissect and praise Xi Jinping's linguistic style, trying to explore how deep the riddling political philosophy can be hidden beneath the easy-tounderstand text, or is it in fact really empty, only to reserve the right to interpret it in an inexplicable way?

Front         Back

Front   Content translation:
She Luyun's New Era ****** Basic outline of the art ideology of the doctrine 

Back   Content translation:

What does it mean to actually go ahead and issue a manifesto? This manifesto, this notice.

In the master version that I imitate, he puts his ideas into all sorts of their discourse. There is a description of his language style, saying that those speeches of his make people want to listen, love and listen to them, and they are often very enjoyable, very thirsty, very excited, often with a sense of clarity, enlightenment and enlightenment, many topics are hotly debated, many topics have been hotly debated, many quotations have become buzzwords, and many ideas have become classics and quotations that can be heard, remembered, spread and used, with a strong a ffinity and infectious power, but also a strong penetrating power and impact; both un flinching and gentle, but also powerful and resounding, really into the ears and brain into the heart and soul.

How does he do it?

The first : good at telling stories, presenting examples and facts in a way that resonates with the same frequency and builds consensus.
The second: good at using big words, big truths and the language of the masses in depth, to solve the confusion and explain the doubts.
The third: good at chatting, heart-to-heart tone of felicitous, touching the heart.
The fourth: good at using extremely condensed, highly generalized words outline, a big opening.
The fifth: good at using the problem to open up, take the phenomenon as a target open and honest, deafening.
The sixth: good at using the best cultural elements from the past and present to quantify extensively and to spread across the world.
The seventh article: good at using poetic language to express great sentiments and show true nature.
The eighth rule: good at using body language and speech that is respectable, easy and amiable, yet calm and composed.

Although it is still di fficult for us to know exactly what his philosophy is, such an approachable white paper will always lie there quietly, as an instruction manual, and foolishly we only have to wait for an instruction manual of an instruction manual, and an instruction manual of an instruction manual to reveal the answer.

What does it mean to actually publish a manifesto? It seems that the skin is enough, and then I too will go and make an instruction manual, and an instruction manual for an instruction manual, and an instruction manual for an instruction manual, and the answer will be clear