Will XiaoChen be better  tomorrow?

Video 5’35’’
*This work is a collaboration between Cao Wenqing, An Sitong and Luyun She.

One day I had a heated argument with a friend called Tomorrow Chen about 'expression'. Chen works as a bartender and has a dream of being a rock star that has never been realised, and when I talked to him about the music he suddenly came under fire (I also have a loose band as well), mainly about the expression of the music. The weird thing was that while we were talking about expression, both of us were suffering from a constant misunderstanding with every expression, and I tried so hard to continue the conversation, but what I do only let the conflict escalate.

I hired 11 actors to enter the bar where he worked one by one, they are playing customers who didn't know each other, sitting in twos and threes. As he began to make his statements, the eleven customers surrounded him like paparazzi with cameras and recording equipment and asked him 100 questions. After the questions, everyone ran back to the bar and continued to drink and chat as if nothing had happened, with Chen coming in last, applauding and buying each actor a short drink, but I was still enemies with Chen.