The Code of Hammurabi

Stencils, High Temperature Tape

Every electronic product needs to pass through a stencil to hold the electronic components in their corresponding positions, and I have prevented the production of some of these cameras by blocking the holes in these stencils, which means fewer eyes to watch and more eyes to gaze at.

Aquinas said, "Any wisdom that enables man to recognise the truth is given by God first." So said Hammurabi: "Hammurabi was ordered by God." Neither of them had anticipated the treacherous and shifting future in which the divine word has lost its force, and every command and rule implicated makes right a form of justice.

The limitations of the written word dictate that one cannot be truly precise in the ultimate establishment of order, and we all inexorably continue to elevate and incorporate new standards on the way to precision. This creates a layer of "wandering", and then those who control the discourse control the interpretation, and the "situation" is always "different".

And these little laser-cut holes are far more real than words, and when I stick them, they can't really be used anymore. The surveillance of the camera warns us that we are forbidden to do something, and sticking them on becomes a prohibition-prohibition, it's like a whitewash before the reconstruction of the Tower of Babel. Now it's up to me: let's pretend it never happened!