You are my whole dream

Stencil,Bone conduction loudspeaker,Battery 

In 2022, my father sent me 40 stencils from his factory. One of the stencils was very different from the others in that it was taped on one side, had many signs of use and, most importantly, had an English sentence written in the top left corner: "You are my whole dream". The most significant thing was that in the top left-hand corner of it was written the phrase "You are my whole dream".

My father and I could not find the employee who had written "You are my whole dream", but all the employees in his factory were not very well educated and it was a strange thing for such a sentence to appear on the production floor.

We have speculated on several possibilities. Perhaps it was a lyric from a song he had heard and he remembered it, picked up a marker and wrote it down. But what was he writing to? Maybe it was to one of his(her) lover, maybe it was to the production floor where he had to work 12 hours a day without seeing the sun, maybe it was to his own future full of possibilities ......

I was deeply touched, perhaps by the fact that the factory was also my whole world for my childhood. As I speculated, while singing, I wondered if it really came from a song, but I naturally came up with a melody and recorded it. I ended up with a contact microphone attached to the whole piece of steel, turning the mesh into a stereo and singing "You are my whole dream" over and over again.