Circuit board, Stainless steel, Battery

A competent machine that continues to invest in a new round of "testing work" to meet the desire of high-quality people to control the right to know.

The machine checks the air quality every minute, and if someone smokes in the field, the machine will alarm for one minute, otherwise there will be no response.

The practice of "testing" has evolved into a form of consumer behavior today, where conducting thorough tests on various metrics has become a hallmark of high-quality living. As consumerism delves deeper into our lives, we continually use "testing" to create refined personal needs, expanding the scope of what can be tested and quantified.

Therefore, I have created the "Guideline" detection instrument, which, unlike conventional testing products, is dedicated to presenting "pollution" in a beautiful manner without providing digitalized results. The process of testing is also filled with aesthetics, highlighting the significant void behind people's testing behavior today: we don't truly want to know the results or solve the problems; we are simply enamored by the meticulous aura that "testing" brings and the lifestyle it symbolizes.