Mixed media

Explanation: Monkey turned and was about to go when he turned back to add, "Master, I know that you haven't the patience to sit still, but I'll make a spell to keep you safe here." With that he took out his gold−banded cudgel and in a flash he drew a circle on the ground with it. He asked the Tang priest to sit in the circle with Pig and Friar Sand standing on either side and the horse and luggage nearby.

Then he put his palms together and said to the Tang Priest, "The circle I've drawn is stronger than a wall of bronze or iron. No tiger, leopard, wolf, demon, fiend or monster will dare come anywhere near it. But you must not step outside it. I guarantee that you'll come to no harm as long as you sit inside the circle; but once you leave it very nasty things will happen to you. Please, please, please stay inside it whatever happens." Sanzang did as he was told and they all sat down.