Don’t listen, Don’t look, Don’t Talk

Stencil,Duct tape

Here are three steel meshes for making digital product modules. The front of the steel mesh shows people, respectively MP3 stencil (Don't listen), monitoring camera stencil(Don't look), U disk stencil (Don't talk). The black adhesive bandage blocks the solder paste opening that can make the parts adhere to the module, blocking the possibility of connection so that the module can only operate internally. Unable to install headphone connector, unable to connect wire and unable to install USB interface.

"Don't listen" comes from 2011, when MP3 lost its last market. Since then, MP3 has withdrawn from the manufacturing market of micro-enterprises.
"Don't look" comes from 2012. Skynet era is about to start. Low-end products, with small profits and quick sales, are ageing rapidly. Now such modules are no longer used.
"Don't talk" came from 2008, when only 200m USB flash drives were still in the market. Nowadays, it is hard to see 200m USB flash drives.

In fact, it doesn't matter whether the blocking is effective or not. I put the far-off industrial waste in front of you by "Don't listen""Don't look" and "Don't talk", it's just a farewell for them.